Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outfit for a Tuesday: Lines and Angles and Pearls, Oh My

Since I flew to Germany on Labor Day Monday afternoon, I did not really have sufficient time to relish in relaxation, admire my own toiling, or flaunt a final end of summer look, though, to be honest, I never really adhered to such arbitrary rules of chronology. So, today, I decided to compensate with this simple center pleat a-line skirt, featuring long chain patterns of nesting right angles, a simultaneous ode to the square and to the almost chevron. With my navy and kelly green exercise in geometric tessellations, I paired a simple white and navy striped blouse; the pairing of traditionally jarring patterns has lost a little of its original vehement steam in the print and digital fashion world, however, it is a strategy I find to be timeless, rather than trendy.

Kelly green, a color I adore, has always been a bit of a trick for me, a taunting and terrible trick; it is alluring to me, but rarely attractive against my skin tone. My solution is generally to fulfill my thirst with accessories. With a strong but simple pattern and a predominance of navy intermingling and combating with the green, diverting attention, this skirt does not imbue me with that ill appearance. It helps, also, that the kelly green was not near my face.

Decades ago, jewelry nearly always came in a set of sorts: bracelet and necklace, brooch and earrings, earrings and bracelet, earrings and necklace. When I search for consigned vintage jewelry now, I love finding sets, but never pair them together in reality, for fear of looking dated or too much like a mannequin in a woman's contemporary store window. These earrings and necklace were actually not meant for one another originally; the earrings were a vintage find early in the spring and the necklace is a discarded J. Crew piece from a favorite local consignment shop. They complement one another well, and perhaps do, ensemble, evoke a model from Talbot's but it is a risk I am obviously willing to take. The infinity, eight shape of the earring is elegant, and I have been drawn to longer chains lately.

My days for open-toed wedges are numbered, a pleasant and frightening thought; with autumn comes leather Frye boots and thick sweaters and blazers, but also that always dreaded and feared impending winter, looming.

Tuesday evening snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich soundtrack: Love This Giant David Byrne and St. Vincent; Solo Piano II Gonzales


  1. Great outfit! I too, LOVE kelly green! What a great idea to separate sets of jewelry!

    It's an Easy Life

  2. I love the print on that skirt! And yes, I shudder to think that our open-toe-shoe days are numbered. Winter is coming!

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  4. I like the combination!

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  6. very elegant and classy!:) xoxo

  7. Totally in love with that Kelly green and the beautiful print on your skirt! A great mixed print outfit beautifully complimented with pearls! Also, thank you for your visit and comment, you are so sweet!


  8. Hello, lovely pieces and colors! I love this look! Just followed you on gfc/239 and bloglovin/47, I will be happy if you follow back,
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  9. I love print mixes with stripes! Cute pearls too.


  10. This is such a great print...I love graphic pieces like these.

  11. You have a very inspirational blog! Love the necklace! I'm now following you, hope you can follow me back! :)

    xx Olivia


  12. lovethis post especially that necklace is so lovable

  13. That necklace is so pretty! Great post!

    XO, Imke

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