Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outfit for a Wednesday: Betty Draper, Banker, and Cyclic Styles

(image taken from Banana Republic)

 Lately, I have fallen into a bit of an online shopping rut, relying heavily and solely on a constant deluge of deals in my inbox for Banana Republic, despite some mild dissatisfaction with a few items; the marketing scheme, buy more, they send more, is simple and brilliant. My approach, on the other hand, is a bit of a sample of psychosis, where I expect the result that has been displayed before me on a glowing computer screen and am slightly disappointed with the tangible piece. This admission, hopefully, will shame me into altering this behavioral pattern. While perusing the wares after clicking some such invitation for deep discounts, I jumped over to the accessories area, a place I rarely, if ever, review, whether online or in a veritable store. An avid antique and vintage and consignment shopper, I am usually unimpressed with the quality of the options, and prices, at most large franchises. Unique finds are often at the fingertips of a seeker, if one wishes to put forth the effort of the prowl and the hunt. Perhaps it is just that one exorbitant and bodacious J. Crew bubble drop necklace that has become so infuriatingly ubiquitous in the digital and real world, but, for me, I loathe wearing obvious and identifiable items, familiar to the other ladies around me.

So, on this particular morning, tedious scrolling through jewelry at Banana Republic, I found this infinity chain-link gold plated necklace; a mere two weeks prior, I had found an extremely similar piece at one of my favorite local consignment shops. Unlike the J. Crew baubles, loud and colorful, inciting numerous and less pricey mimics, this style of elegant connecting chains, a sort of linear tessellation, is a classic style, often inappropriately set in a trend taxonomy. My necklace will never date. I, also, was validated in my general masculine hunting attitude, as opposed to complacent online gathering: I paid 12$ for my necklace, which features an alternating pattern of smooth and matte textures, while the Banana Republic option is over 50$.


Not accidentally, I paired this chain necklace with two of my more recent Banana Republic acquisitions: a pale cotton candy pink banker tycoon button-down and bright cerise cropped pants that evoke a sort of quintessential bored 1960s housewife, now perfectly embodied in the character Betty Draper. An ennui that before may take a paragraph to establish the aura and aesthetic, now can be summarized in two nouns: Betty Draper. The blouse is fitted and well made for the feminine form, a pleasant and welcome surprise when it comes to these type of professional button-downs. The slacks, unfortunately, were a bit loose in the leg; I had been anticipating more of a cigarette, tapered look that would come to the ankle and they did not deliver this. Still, the color is refreshing and they are a welcome addition to the sort of tempestuous transition seasons that are early autumn and late spring, when the heat will turn to a rage at a moment's notice or drop to a cold shoulder of neglect just as quickly. They are equipped with some spandex interwoven in the fabric, so, I hope a cycle in the wash will ameliorate the situation.


  1. I don't own anything from Banana Republic, but that is a beautiful piece.

  2. I understand how you feel, you can always find a cheaper alternative to these big fashion retailers, and to be honest the quality is the same.

    I enjoyed your color combo.

    Charlene from FashionCherry

  3. Love this golden chain!

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  4. You know how to combine: strength, style and classy.

  5. Amazing items!

  6. Can´t believe this! I just bought a very similar necklace! it goes great with anything!!! doesn´t it? xo, Alma

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    Wauw this looks amazing! Really like your style!


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  9. so loving this, thank you for stopping by my blog =)


  10. This outfit is amazing!

  11. Love the necklace! Classic! I too have fallen into an online shopping addiction! All those email deals...agh!!!