Monday, December 7, 2015

Frye Fever, Returned

Normally, I leverage every ounce of my will power to ignore the Promotions section of my inbox, a violent onslaught of commercial click-bait, laying innocently in wait to snatch all of my paycheck. This morning, however, I was weak, tempted, and noticed a message suggesting I peruse a Frye focused Nordstrom Rack digital sale. Clearly, the promotional algorithm has been well attuned to my obsessive online window-shopping habits. Like a commodity-controlled automaton, I clicked, and peruse I did. Eyes scanning like a machine for a particular pair of boots I have been noticing lately and had stowed away in my memory for a later date.

Alas, I apparently was not quick enough to capture the proverbial worm I craved: this pair of weather black studded motorcycle boots. Teased with a "One Left" banner, I hastily attempted to throw my size into the virtual shopping cart. Foiled. This item no longer available.

Disappointed, I decided to drown my feelings in another second choice pair, still lovely and functional, but lacking in the stud department. When they arrive in however many business days, carrying with them that aroma of the road and of fresh leather, I will prevail with a proper photo shoot. Perhaps. Promises.

(image taken from Zappos)