Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Memorium: September 11, 2001

For anyone living or visiting in the general New York City area who wishes to commemorate and reflect on this fateful and horrific and unforgettable day eleven years ago, and who wishes also to celebrate the freedom and beauty of creation and cultural knowledge and joy that those who attacked this country hoped to mar, I recommend attending the Steve Reich show this evening at (le) poisson rouge. His complete string quartets will be performed, which includes his harrowing and powerful piece WTC 9/11. 

Over a year ago, the filmmaker and I were very fortunate to have viewed the world premiere of this highly anticipated work at Carnegie Hall. The tall, expansive room was filled, each voice silent as the four string players worked their bows and caressed the bodies of their instruments. When the composition concluded, no one breathed; applause and tears, of sadness, anger, resilience, and pride, erupted. Reich's work is all incredibly brilliant and moving, and I look forward to seeing more of it performed live. His vision and sensitivity are memorable, and I will never forget that tenth anniversary experience.

(image taken from The Guardian)

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