Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taking the Plunge... Frye Boots

My brother-in-law, David, forwarded a personal finance blog article to my siblings and me last night, a simple and rationale meditation on how sometimes spending a little bit more on a specific item, in the long run, will save more money. In terms of quality, one saves by owning the product longer, getting more function and joy from it, not having to endure the costs of replacement. Or, satisfied with one expensive item, one does not purchase myriad cheap items as a consolation. Or, simply, one no longer frets, wasting time and energy, over storage of multiple items where a single nice, quality piece will suffice and be more rewarding. Perhaps this was just the inspiration, or better worded justification, I needed to finally take the grand and glorious plunge and indulge in a pair of Frye boots. After my debacle last season with leather riding boots, which were not at all inexpensive, though not exactly in the range of these Alexis style Frye pair, I have learned my lesson: better to spend a bit more, invest in the long game with quality construction, than to continue to replace an average pair that from short range appears to be the more cost-effective option. Better to scoop up this pair, on sale no less, than find myself stranded in Brooklyn, broken soul, physically and metaphorically, with no alternative other than adolescent-styled ballet flats. In about four to five business days, I can begin visually basking in the warm chocolate leather; unfortunately, it will take another few weeks for the weather to cool enough to even contemplate covering my entire calf in a boot. 

(image taken from Zappos)


  1. Do you self a favor and buy some conditioning balm (whatever Frye recommends) ... NOT SHOE POLISH.

  2. I need to take this lesson to heart. I always am looking for a good deal, but sometimes the best deal involves spending a bit more for better quality. I've got to keep that in mind...

  3. You know I used to buy cheap boots that looked cute and were very on trend. Well, now that I am a little bit older I have realized that they don't last long and aren't worth the money I saved.

  4. i bought a good pair of leather boots FOUR YEARS ago and they're still one of my favorite pairs of shoes....totes worth the investment on a classic stlye!

    dash dot dotty

  5. Delicate and flirty tips for the modern woman.

  6. I really want those boots

  7. Maybe this year, I will finally get one!

    I just have to use that kind of justification!
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