Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fancy Fashion for the [Fickle] Filmmaker

Some of my public bemoaning of the filmmaker's seemingly unnatural aversion to both chinos and denim has been less than subtle, as, I suppose, really any public rant is. While I certainly cannot argue against the comfort and general versatility of corduroy slacks, my only significant point of contention has been their inability to dress up formally; typical corduroy texture can look clean and polished, but can carry a man to formality only so far. This past weekend, my brother-in-law David introduced me to an ingenious, and compromising, solution: horizontally patterned corduroy. At one of his favorite shopping indulgence stops, David had scored a pair of severely reduced, midnight navy corduroy dress slacks, the horizontal piping evincing almost a sheen. While these new duds could easily assimilate into any classic and easy solo white button-down look, they would also pair perfectly with a charcoal or light brown sport coat. Herring bone, especially, we found to be an ideal match, in terms of juxtaposing texture. I feel as though, once blind, I now see; my condescension and frustration can dissipate, and my filmmaker can, mostly, spend all his life in corduroy, if he chooses. Still, a little adventure, into the realm of the new, despite the initial discomfort with the foreign, never hurt anyone.

(image taken from SF Gate)

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