Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fashion for the Filmmaker

This past Christmas, I gave the filmmaker a few new sweaters and a crisp button-down from Uniqlo, along with a surprise present. In one single shopping experience, perusing gifts for my brother and boyfriend, I decided that Uniqlo will definitely transplant the Gap or Banana Republic in the future for my arsenal of classic, simple basics. Fit, cut, and material at Uniqlo far exceeds those at the popular, once reliable American brands. The filmmaker has a slighter, slimmer build, and surely welcomed a snugger, more flattering fit, quite the contrast to the billowy folds of so many items for men at other large franchise shops. Unfortunately, he is still disappointingly adamant about his dislike for any and all denim, but, at least for now, he fully and enthusiastically embraces lambswool and cashmere, and looks remarkably dapper in a cardigan sweater.

(image taken from That Kind of Woman)

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  1. I've only been in Uniqlo once this past September and since it was overwhelming for me in NYC, I quickly went in and ran out, but I loved all the basics! I agree, basics at Gap don't fit that well, glad to hear Uniqlo is better.

    Also, those boots are leather and are the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on, I can't stop wearing them. They also fit true to size!