Friday, July 27, 2012

Lusting for the Filmmaker: Classic Chinos

The filmmaker is morally and pragmatically opposed to chinos; while I will accept his claims that they are impractical, as often the vertically-cut pockets are not conducive for storing anything, especially change, numerous drawing implements, and a moleskin, I am more skeptical to his vehemence that chinos are uncomfortable. They are the fabric of traditional preppy leisure, though, perhaps, to each his own. While his paint-splattered cut-off corduroy shorts, basic summer garb, are certainly charming and endearing, an occasional, or even rare, appearance of khaki or navy or charcoal slacks would be welcome. This casual look with just the right proportion of primary color accenting is elegant while still maintaining that masculine, boyish flippancy. I would never hope to negatively influence his style and general artist aura, but, a girl, with an unwavering adoration of men's wear design and structure and attitude, can certainly dream. I cannot complain too much, however, as he definitely has the cute sweater look down expertly, and sometimes even layers them. Still, though my intent is selfish, it seems for shame, to obscure some shapely legs from view in a looser cut.

(image taken from Coffee and the Newspaper)

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  1. Nice look i like so much the combinations and style.