Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Minnetonka Moccasins

Though I am sure many parents, mothers in particular, are unwilling to admit it, baby shoes are the epitome of superfluous and are a complete lesson in futility until veritable independent walking starts. Certainly they are adorable, but with babies being squirm-machines that are challenging to dress and with their incessant wild growth, shoes just always seem laughably ridiculous. They will only fit for a few weeks, at most, and they will probably be torn off and flung somewhere. Honestly, some warm socks or slippers suffice. Winona is quickly approaching her first birthday and has started to explore the wonderful world of bipedalism; so far, she has mostly been standing, occasionally releasing her grip and exuberantly displaying a no-hands posture, and some pushing around a bit. As I have been in Africa the past two weeks or so, I may have missed her first few unsteady steps; I hope not. So, as the temperature cools, and my little niece becomes mobile, Elizabeth finally bought her first pair of legitimate shoes: tiny and sickeningly sweet baby Minnetonka moccasins. My heart melts. This choice was practical and aesthetically adorable: hopefully, they will prove easy to slip on, and will stay on, and it seems the moccasin trend is unwavering in its popularity. 


  1. Those are so adorable! Maybe they can fit on puppies. lol.

    Hey, thanks for the lip stick tip, by the way. :)

  2. Ahh they are amazing :)
    Very cute !