Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Request to Revlon

Dear Revlon, 

For years, I have been an ardent and loyal consumer of your infamous red nail polishes; they are wonderfully affordable, vivid, and when a top coat layer is properly applied, sufficiently enduring. For a pure, true red, I have always been partial to your color Frankly Scarlet. As the name alludes, this shade was an impeccable and unadulterated red that was perfectly sassy and sultry, with subtle flairs of faint glittering opalescence. It was the ideal red. With a clever and witty name, revering a film icon, a woman of extreme passions and untempered decadence. 

Having nearly scraped the last dregs of colored paint from my current bottle, I added Frankly Scarlet to my shopping list for my next large beauty haul. I searched at one local store, then another, then another. Much to my dismay, this perfect palette was absent from them all; I can only conclude that this nail polish has been foolishly discontinued. Dizzy, distraught, adrenaline racing, I recovered quickly and began to strategize. In scouring the other options for a far inferior replacement, it appeared that you have instead pushed the Revlon Red as the true red polish. For shame; I am disappointed. This polish definitely has a much more golden glimmer pallor, and, not unimportantly, the banal and uninspired name pales in comparison to an allusion to one of the greatest lines in film history, to one of the most feverish and tortured romantic stories in film history. 

My words here may be paltry, perhaps unmoving, superficial; admittedly, it is difficult and trying to encapsulate the magnitude of disappointment. For years passed and years to come, the red nail, pristine and bright and bold, is a classic in feminine style. Please, reconsider this rash and brazen decision.

Sincerely yours.

(image taken from The Red List) 

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  1. I know the feeling, I always have at least 2 bottles of my favorite polishes. Did you check ebay?