Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Retournez, from Africa

After about twenty-four hours spent wasting on an airplane, or in an airport, or in a taxi or a car, I have finally returned home, safe and sound, to my humble and familiar apartment. This vacation experience has been, in a word, incredible and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity. Naturally, I am still reeling a bit from the visceral overload of the beautiful South African landscape and culture, as well as trying to recover from the inevitable and torturous jet lag, so, attempting to articulately capture the lovely time I had in what is now one of my favorite countries is impossible. There are numerous photographs, with accompanying tales, which I will attempt to sift through and glean in a timely manner; however, considering I still have various photographs from Paris that I would like to share, this may be a bit ambitious. I shall endeavor, though. For now, I have this emphatic recommendation: should one have the chance to tour South Africa, seize it.

(image taken from A Well Traveled Woman)


  1. I am glad that you had such a wonderful trip and that you are home safely. :)

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