Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Original Banana Republic

(image taken from Wax Wane)
(image taken from The Abandoned Republic)

My sister Elizabeth shared this story with me this morning; while I had never heard the true history of the Banana Republic brand before, I had always supposed that it, like many niche brands, had started as an entrepreneurial, possibly family endeavor. I was completely surprised to discover, as the article bluntly but accurately states, how absolutely cool the foundational philosophies and aesthetics to the brand were, and how estranged the current image and culture is from its origin. While the hyperbolic shift in the style of clothing and wares following the corporate engulf of the budding brand is unfortunate, and drastic, it is also expected; trends are inherently ephemeral. After reading the story, I am much disappointed in the loss of the dedication and fastidious, meticulous attention to the brand: the design of the stores, the creation of a truly unique and individual catalogue, and the care taken to ensure the attitude and exuberance exuded in the entire shopping experience mirrored the fervor and passion for adventure and new experiences within the founders.


  1. and apparently A&F was also cool Once Upon A Time.

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  4. How important is B.R to the ready to wear culture right now. If you like Banana Republic history i recommend the art of a great painter, Moisés Barrios. You can find it here or Besos!


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  7. such a shame. would love to get my hands on some of their original stuff