Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Decadence on a Dime: Weleda Hand Cream

Frequently, hand creams, lip balms, and other ostentatiously essential cosmetic curiosities get lost in the busy bowels of my large business purses, and sometimes even in the more discrete abdomens of my vintage clutches. I am always pleasantly surprised and delighted when I excavate some such specimen. Today, I discovered, or rather re-discovered, a tube of Weleda Wild Rose hand cream; despite the decline of winter into spring, my skin typically remains dry and this salve is true savior. While the rose tinted perfume of this cream is powerful, it, thankfully, is not at all pungent; so many lotions daunt and taunt the olfactory senses, to the point where they negate any moisturizing qualities they may have. Simple and beautiful and potent fragrance combined with an equally beautiful and potent mollifying effect for weary hands, this is a great product to have, and to keep track of.

(image taken from Drug Store)


  1. i love Waleda. mom and i just used it today.

  2. I simply ADORE these glimpses into your fabulous world!! And yes I agree with your observation -- nothing like unearthing some scrumptious cosmetics you'd forgotten about! :)

  3. My stepmom does their lawn. (The US headquarters is down the street from chez-Lee.) Holler.