Friday, April 13, 2012

Outfit for a Thursday: Red Silk

For much of winter, I was in quite the neutral automatic setting, instinctively, continually, donning either gray or black, occasionally navy. Despite sitting in my closet like an emblazoned and wild beacon, sultry and alluring, I had nearly forgotten about this fiery red silk skirt. The pattern connotes the wanton brush strokes of many Impressionist and early Modernist, as though depictions of certain famed evening skies were transformed to flames. I love this skirt and especially love it paired with stripes.

Red, white, and blue nearly always carry with the combination an inevitable weight of patriotic pride; in this case, with the competing yet complementary patterns, the association dissipates.

This necklace is actually a vintage belt, discovered, transposed in purpose, and purchased at a vintage meets modern boutique in Ithaca called Petrune. Like my silk skirt, it is a piece that I adore, yet, frequently neglect. The nautical hardware elements pair well with the traditional navy and red stripe.

Unlike the skirt and belt become necklace, these simple gold post earrings, beautiful spheres, are a recent discovery and one that has morphed into an immediate obsession. They have been laying silent and forlorn in the cavern of one of my jewelry boxes for years, at least, or so I imagine; to be honest, I have no idea where I even obtained these. I believe they were a somewhat random gift from a rather distant relative, who, during an occasion of familial obligation, noticed my penchant for things bygone and old. The pea size is ideal, especially when coupling the earrings with a more boastful necklace; they are complete simple elegance and I am thankful they were not discarded over the years.


  1. I love your silky red skirt and coincidentally, we have the same gold earrings! :)

  2. cute!!!

  3. the stripes with the pattern of the skirt is a FANTASTIC combination!

    dash dot dotty

  4. Good taste and grace for the fashion.

  5. love that skirt dear!super cute!!
    xoxo and have a nice week=)

  6. red white and blue is always a good choice. :) love the top.

    thanks for checking out my blog!!

    xo alicia