Friday, February 17, 2012

Ralph Lauren and Downton Abbey: Dreams of Noble Decadence

The Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 Collection embodies the disintegrating decadence of British nobility just before the global catalyst of modernity that was the Great War: tailored and jauntily structured fox hunting garb; sharp hats; luxurious fur shifts and stoles; and intricate beading on slinky full length dresses. In these outfits, riding astride a bay mare or a clean white stallion, flank muscles pulsating, across the gray moore background of an early spring, or sipping bubbling champagne in an opulent sitting room following a heavy sauced dinner is immediately brought to attention. While incorporating organic elements like fur and feathers and men's wear detailing, like pocket watches and riding trousers, are not exactly innovative or daring, when done well, it is beautiful and impeccable.

(images taken from The Sartorialist)


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