Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Lounge

Ideally, each and every weekend of mine would be spent in the above pose: leaning lazily back on my bed or soft sofa cushions, head barely propped in a diagram of limited energy expenditure so that I can read. While I do love the Wall Street Journal, I do not subscribe, so a novel or collection of poetry of some type could be inserted into my hands, in this fantasy. Alas, this weekend I will be hunched over my computer from work, finishing a presentation, apparently of some importance to some person in some place, that needs to be sent to an editor before submitting to our client team for legal and compliance review. Ever diligent and reliable, I am present to complete the task dutifully, unfortunately.

Saturday evening soundtrack: Young Lions and Old Tigers Dave Brubeck

(image taken from Tomboy Style)


  1. Awww well I hope you finish that work fast and still get to enjoy the weekend.

  2. I checked your blog and I like it!
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    have a great Sunday!