Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outfit for a Tuesday: Meticulous and Precise

Finding French cuff blouses specifically cut and designed for women can sometimes be more of a challenge than I am willing to accept and embark upon. Perhaps I am turning and searching under the wrong proverbial stones; in fact, I am certain that I am, thereby making this entire introductory rant irrelevant. Alas, for all parties involved, I am too tired to conceptualize and construct some other, more appropriate entrance. So, I wish French cuff blouses were more accessible at the various shops that I already frequent, as I am hesitant to expand this network in an attempt to save some funds, particularly for future travel.

For now, I will have to survive with this Ralph Lauren blouse, which certainly can suffice and satisfy; it is perhaps now my favorite wardrobe piece. Silk, deep navy and warm white stripes, and a sartorial mechanism by which I can display these vintage gold and green cuff links make for a blouse that incorporates very crucial personal style elements. For further accent, I added two necklaces originally owned by my grandmother, Meemaw: a gold leaf pendant, which always evokes in my mind the notion of plastinated xylem and phloem, and a pearl necklace that incorporates tiny jade green beads. I have never worn the pearl necklace before the other day, never quite having the clothing pieces suited for it; here, it is the perfect complement for a layered look, reflecting the green of the cuff links, bolstering the overall classic and traditional look.

Thursday evening hiding in the conference room soundtrack: Visions Grimes


  1. all that jewelry is so beautiful!
    love the green

    xo kaitlin

  2. Gorgeous necklace! Love your blog too...following you on Bloglovin and google now!
    I hope you can check out mine and follow if you like ;)

  3. Great jewellery! Thank you for your comment! The photos of the dress are up now! :)

    The Golden Bun
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  4. The cuffs are gorgeous! And I love the color of your blouse. So pretty!