Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lusting: Lucite Heels

(image taken from Debutante Clothing)

(image taken from One Fifth Avenue Princess)

(image taken from Katinka's Blog)

(image taken from Effluvia Magazine)

Over the weekend, I briefly perused a visually alluring fashion editorial spread in New York Magazine over the weekend heralding clear lucite accessories, namely pumps and clutches, as a stalwart for the spring season. With an already impressive collection of lucite bangles and necklaces in my deep arsenal of accessories, a pair of stately, translucent heels or sandals seems the logical decision. The clear heel is not only wonderfully versatile, it is also strangely seductive, reminiscent of the voyeuristic act of peering through clear glass of a window, hopeful of catching a small glimpse of something, a shred of skin, a hint of hair.

Alas, once again, I bemoan my plight: tax season. Despite my hard work and, for the most part, relatively frugal spending habits, I suspect a substantial portion of my money will be stolen away from various departments, in dire straits, perhaps distributed to those important officials deciding exactly how much high-fructose corn syrup should be saturated into the school lunches of the young of this fine nation.


  1. Tax season, you just reminded me! Zara has some chic clear-heel pumps right now.

  2. i LOVE all those lucite heels!!! i'd love to find a pair too!