Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warm Socks and Cashmere

Last weekend, I spent a few hours during my Saturday afternoon having my hair professionally cut and blown dry; it was certainly long overdue. While I have been enjoying the shockingly mild winter, with the air crisp and smelling of fire smoke, more akin to that of late autumn than the cruel and turbulent month of February, I have been disappointed at the lack of opportunities to display my warm, thick sweaters and my cozy thigh high socks. Lately, I have been increasingly drawn to men's wardrobes for inspiration: crew neck cashmere, loosely fitted French cuff button-downs, chino slacks, loafers. I have a myriad of old, discarded sweaters gifted me from my father, his days of needing such items for casual days in the office now are over. It is with much restraint that I do not raid his entire closet, as well as that of my sister's husband, for that matter.

This tunic is just long enough to be mostly appropriate when worn with a larger sweater. By the looks of my goofy giggling visage, I am not in a mind to care about propriety.


  1. I really do fancy those pair of earrings but I am doubting on the white socks. Just a thought: It can prove an eyesore when you wear something bold and you mix a white in it, especially in your case, it doesn't really harmonize with everything. You could have taken that off.

    I do appreciate your confidence for your style though. And I love the boots! <3<3<3

  2. Very pretty earrings.

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  3. Beautiful earrings!!!

  4. Hey, cool earrings:)
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  5. How I love me a good Thigh Hi


  6. Great combo. Love the earrings!!

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