Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday, Redux

If it were professionally and socially viable, I would probably wear a men's sweater and a pair of black leggings every single day; this style would most likely seriously detriment my waistline, as I would no longer have any physically uncomfortable constraints, signaling me to cease consuming. It could be ultimately worth it, though.

Burnt orange is not normally a color I am drawn to, however, the soft Italian merino wool of this sweater was difficult to resist; lately, earthy tones, from camel to coffee to ochre and mustard have had a greater appeal. It is also wonderfully warm, which, despite the mild winter, is always a welcome attribute. Originally from Brooks Brothers, I found it at a consignment shop a few towns over, very inexpensive and very obviously barely worn. Evidently, the first owner was not attracted to the hue himself.

This lipstick is named something horribly misleading like "Classic Wine"; I was expecting a deeper, purple-tinged red, and it is actually surprisingly coral. Something reminiscent of an aged grandmother, hard butterscotch candy perched on her tongue, hidden behind her orangish painted lips. Still not really sure if I am sold on this tube yet; thankfully, it was a pharmacy find, and will do little harm to my bank account by retiring quietly in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

In my idyllic alternate universe, where I can suffice with stretch pants and men's wool sweaters alone, tall boots would probably be my only shoe; the warm caramel leather of this pair complements the rusty orange of my sweater.

Generally, I carry this vintage wicker and lucite handbag in the summer months, matching it with a simple crisp white dress or some white slacks. Again, it was a seamless addition to this brown color palette, so, fun to carry out and about for a quick jaunt.

This is what brunch on Super Bowl Sunday looks like; I am certainly no devotee to American football, but I certainly enjoy celebrating and recognizing all of our national holidays.

Lazy Sunday soundtrack: Early Piano Works Erik Satie, Rehearsing My Choir Fiery Furnaces


  1. oh my god that burger looks delicious. love the outfit.

  2. I think that colour looks fantastic on you. I love the vintage vibe of this outfit!

  3. Such a casual chic outfit and that is the cutest bag!!

  4. love the top especially the color! looks great on youn. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. Like your burnt orange sweater -
    That lunch looks fierce (and dangerous)



  6. Great color! Today is a day where I would be happy in black leggings and an over sized men's sweater!:-)

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    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. OMGGGG, those fries looks yummy!!!!!!

    love K

  8. Great look!

  9. I loovvee your sweater && I think that lip colour looks great on you!

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  10. beautiful outfit I love those boots they look amazing and so comfy! thanks for visiting my blog a while back and do keep in touch dear!
    XX Ilana

  11. Your look is beautiful.

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  12. I love the orange color and the boots! You look so summer in those photos...hehehehe

    Thank you for dropping a beautiful comment in my blog. I love your blog, and will follow you after writing this comment.

    Sari Prawiroredjan

  13. I'm glad that you gave burnt orange a try because it looks great on you! Love your boots as well! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

  14. your little wicker bag is so fantastic!!!!


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