Monday, February 6, 2012

Bold Bronze at the Bowery Ballroom

When I was younger, seemingly eons ago in my high school days, a still buxom and unfortunately slightly more pimpled adolescent, my uniform for a music show was jeans and a black tee shirt of some type. Now, I honestly cannot recall the last time I wore plain denim and a black tee; perhaps that is my blunder, since it is such a comfortable classic. Lately, my favorite comfortable and easy look has been this black and metallic bronze striped tunic, which can function as a dress, if desired, though I have been mostly tossing it over a pair of tight, tight black jeans. For the Cass McCombs show the other week, this tunic was the obvious choice to don, dashing hurriedly from the office to the train station, with little time to contemplate something attractive and fun. To match the metallic bronze fabric, I remembered these incredible curving leaf and rhinestone earrings, which always remind me a bit of some type of strange garden statue. Almost a year ago to this day, they had broken, snapped, the rhinestone embellishment delicately affixed to the rest of the structure; thankfully, the ever handy and crafty filmmaker was able to restore them, good as new.

Late evening at the office soundtrack: "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Tiger Baby (cover of Joy Division)


  1. That's a beautiful shirt. I never wear basics either. It's sad, I wish I did it more, but I love outfits that spark something. Maybe if I got basics that has a little flare it would be more interesting.

  2. cool earrings!
    Thanks for your comment, visit again

  3. I still wear the classic colors because they're my go to if i'm too lazy to pick an outfit..the top & earrings looks great I esp like how it has a lil bit of sparkle to it!

  4. Lovely shirt and great song!

    Karys x

  5. So pretty! Those are just amazing!

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    ox from NYC!


  6. Beautiful combination, love the earrings!

  7. loving the gold and black stripes :)

  8. It's nice to have an item that can be so versatile. And gorgeous earrings! Good that they were fixable.

    The Suburb Experiment

  9. love that blouse actually!