Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Today, while the New York metropolitan area is in a frenzy with fervent, unbridled loyalty and hope for the Super Bowl, young women across the country are in an equally rambunctious and blinded craze for the opening of the Jason Wu collection for Target. In a bout of rare luck, I circumvented the ordeal, wandering the loops and aisles of conveniently priced, occasionally useful, many times unnecessary merchandise last night, before the maelstrom, on a mission for a new French press and a new non-stick skillet. I am now resting calmly, safely, in the confines of my own warm bed, sipping coffee with some cream and chocolate syrup, thankful that I did not delay my errand by a day.

While I am certainly very interested in and seduced by the simple aesthetics of the Jason Wu pieces, as with the Missoni for Target collection, I am fairly positive that, once viewing the clothing physically manifested and not flat in the pages of a catalogue, I will be disappointed in the construction or the fabric choice or both. Certainly, less than desirable fabric or fit can still be charming, and if by some odd chance there are items left over that retire to the sales area, they could be worth it; all assumptions here, but I have successfully weaned myself from Target clothing, and on the infrequent occasion that I do return and peruse, I am mostly not satisfied. When adorning a lithely framed model, I want all of these dresses: in a classic, Americana red, white, and navy palette, casual yet well tailored with cinches at the waist and pleated skirts, they are endearing, replete with a childish naivety, difficult to resist. Most likely, I will not succumb; responsible adult that I am, tax season is upon us all, and I would like to start saving more money for travel.

(images taken from Glamour)


  1. I adore this collection! I really wish there was a Target where I live!

  2. honestly, i almost ran to Target today but then i really wanted to stay in bed and i figured that i would be unimpressed with the quality. i will browse later this week but at a time that is convenient.