Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Professional Permutations

As a young, presumably up and coming, though only time and the perhaps not so gradual accrual of a cynical shell, layered like the rings of tree bark, my wardrobe contains a handful of suits. So far, I have a collection of gray, black, and cream suits, which feature both the pant and skirt varietals. Despite these acquisitions, I still do not have prolific enough a business formal wardrobe for every client occasion; certain clients with long-standing accounts, I find myself, almost, at a loss when an in-person meeting is scheduled.

The other day, I solved this challenge of pairing suit separates, in a vain attempt to create something new looking, by coupling a work-appropriate little black dress with a non-traditionally tailored cream suit jacket, which features a large single front button. For a business pitch, or an introduction with a new client, I would not deter from the quintessential slacks, or skirt, and jacket, but with a client who has met me and knows my work, I take some more liberty with my styling. A little black dress, one with structure and a higher neck, not something slinky and oozing chromosome cries of procreation, is quite a versatile wardrobe piece. My cream suits have proven quite valuable in the summer months, however, as fall approaches, I have wondered if they could still be worn in some iteration. Since this particular jacket stands well on its own, with a unique inward seam along the back that produces a bell shape, shorter muff length, or three-quarter, sleeves, and the button, it is a nice accent to the simple, clean lines of the dress.

I visited my one of my best friends, Rebecca, up in Providence, once again, to see her new apartment and to spend some quality time before her semester grows too frenetic. While there, we perused the local vintage shops of note, and I found this double strand large pearl bracelet; it is very Betty Draper. I have been admiring large pearls, necklaces and bracelets, for the past few months, as they have become increasingly popular, at least in terms of current trends. Pearls are always a classic, so I look forward to wearing this piece frequently.

To complement the new bracelet, black and pearl earrings, ones discovered at an antiques flea market in Baltimore, with my mother. They, understandably, match perfectly with my impressive repertoire of black clothing and various gold accessories.

Nude patent leather peep-toe heels, a truly wonderful transition shoe, and one that works with every shade of bright and neutral, from red to black to navy to white.


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