Monday, September 26, 2011

Stripes and Sequins

Chance and happenstance have worked synergistically in such a way that, much to my own chagrin, I have been unable to indulge in a schedule suitable to my needs. My heart continues to beat and my major organ systems continue to be sustained with mostly appropriate nutrition, fulfilling those lower tiers of Maslov tenets, however, time spent at the gymnasium has decreased substantially in recent weeks. Also, importantly, I have been unable to coordinate a moment to relax and have my hair trimmed and style, leading to some improvisation. Desperate and exhausted, confronted with long and reckless bangs in my bathroom mirror in the morning, I must be adroit and creative and aggressive to survive. In a moment of most dire need, I discover this tiny silver lizard hairpin, from a decade ago, at least, that has somehow miraculously and shockingly resisted perish as I have grown older and moved around across state lines.

With my bangs then skillfully tucked away from my forehead and eyes, I could fully appreciate that this little lizard embellishment blended well with its environment, expert camouflage, with my lucite earrings and bracelet, with my gray and sequined cardigan paired with a gray striped tee shirt.

I purchased this cardigan, and another in a peach color, from Ann Taylor Loft while I was visiting my beautiful friends Katherine and Diana in Richmond. Being mostly lured by the discounts of TJ Maxx or Century 21, as of late, or the ease of online shopping with Gap and Banana Republic, I had not stepped foot into an Ann Taylor store in quite some time. Loft has a high volume of merchandise, which they rotate through the store with high frequency, resulting in great sales and constant price reductions. Having once been a sales associate there, I learned that purchasing anything there full price was plain foolish.

This cardigan is very light-weight and is neutral, without being overtly plain, with its sequence band along the bottom; it makes a great transitional piece as the fall weather oscillates wildly, a tantrum, between hot and cool.

Pairing the sequins cardigan with a striped top creates a nice pattern of texture; since both are in shades of gray, the result is not overly busy. Similarly, wearing a few strands of pearls, with slightly different hues and sizes, gives a textured and more complex feel to the look, but, again, avoids being overwhelming.