Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Shorts Lusting

Sometimes, timing does not seem to want to work in my favor, though perhaps personifying and transposing certain sentient and rational motives and forces onto the fourth, ever intriguing and elusive dimension is more symbolic of my frustrations at myself for not planning ahead. The other day, during a large online sale across all of the Gap brand stores, I purchased a number of items, some of which selected a bit more capriciously and uncertainly than others. Not included in this transaction were the above summer shorts, featuring darling pleats and a broad hem at the thigh, which my sister Elizabeth shared with me earlier today.

While I have grown accustom to online shopping, exclusively with stores and brands where I am confident with my sizing, I find that it does not offer a complete solution to the hasty, ill-informed purchase. While I am more likely to be able to find a specific item, say, black slacks or a pencil skirt, by perusing multiple venues very easily, I am less likely to have a complete, sensual understanding of the clothes I am purchasing, obviously, lacking any type of visceral experience with the fabrics and cuts of the item. Additionally, I have learned that online shopping is an all too easy therapy for combating an afternoon slump in the office. It can be the best form of procrastination, and, with a simple purpose, it can easily be transferred to the realm of productivity: sure, I was not responding to those emails or reading that report, but, I did make a tangible decision, and it should be arriving in five to seven business days. Rare are the days I splurge for express shipping.

I am a devotee of Gap shorts, for their classic embellishments and for their ideal length; thankfully, I stopped being seduced by denim underwear after I graduated from middle school, though, my retina are constantly battered and bruised by other young ladies who clearly did not have my foresight and wisdom, or, rather, did not the appropriate lessons in style and dignity from their mothers and sisters. For now, I am abstaining from this particular pair, despite the versatile and traditional navy, despite the great ease with which these could be donned with a tee shirt or a button down, for either a jaunt to the pool or a brunch appointment with friends, however, time marches quickly and assuredly forward, and tomorrow is another day in the office.

(image taken from Gap)


  1. Liking the colours of these shorts.

  2. I love wearing shorts in summer!they are comfY!

  3. HAHA "my retina are constantly battered and bruised" made me laugh! I get you!

    Gap shorts are always a winner for me too. Good sensible cuts!


  4. if i had a teensy waist like you, i'd be rocking these all day every day ! you must get them, and wear them with perfectly fitted bateau tops and a tidy, smooth pony tail.

  5. navy is such a cute basic color!
    this is great!
    i hope you'll come by and see my posts about my journey through spain and my first look since returning to the states!