Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Lips, Cameo, and Pony Hair

Before heading out on Friday evening to enjoy the fresh moon-bathed air and some cold cocktails, the filmmaker took a few photographs of my notably plain black monochrome tee shirt and dress shorts outfit; he used an ethereal and bizarre frost lens, which combined with some rather audacious accessories, transformed my appearance from mundane to prodigiously monstrous. Rarely do I wear lipstick, particularly bold vermillion, not for lack of interest in the aesthetics, so much as lack of ability to maintain a perfect puckered posture. Feeling a tad lackluster in my large and loose cotton tee shirt, I threw caution to the wind, and donned the deepest red I own, an elegantly plain and simple L'Oreal tube. While I would have loved to have worn my hair curled and tousled, despite the significant drop in temperature in the evenings, it was still entirely too warm to be interested in any type of engagement with my blow dryer, so, a top knot it was.

The thick gold chain with the rather ridiculous heart pendant is actually a belt; naturally, it has never been worn as such. I prefer the juxtaposition with the classic cameo necklace.

Generally, I wear these structured and slightly pleated shorts in the winter, coupled with an opaque pair of black tights; they are a Cynthia Steffe find from the illustrious TJ Maxx. Once again, caution was abandoned, and I went forth, bare-legged and liberated. With a nice, high waist, and the slight gathers, they look very attractive, even with a simple tee shirt tucked in.

I wore these bangles during the day, at the office; they were a present from the filmmaker's mother and I adore them. A set of five, three cream and two thin gold, I cannot wait to intersperse them with some of my green and ochre bakelite.

I have had this vintage leather handbag for a few years, from the 1950s or so, and it is an absolute favorite, featuring both beautifully and ornately tooled leather and a luscious pony hide. A find from a flea market in Manhattan, I was surprised and delighted that it was only about 30$, quite the find when vintage shopping in metropolitan Mecca.


  1. Never would have guessed that necklace was a belt!

  2. I've just stumbled upon your blog but I must say it's such a pleasure to read! I really enjoy your writing style. Followed! Love the accessories you used, they really do amp up the monochromatic look! I know what you mean about red lips. I always feel that I can only wear red if I have no intention of drinking, eating or using my mouth in any other manner, as it wipes off and leaves this terrible red rim around the edges. Yuck..

    The Pink Monocle

  3. love the cameo, they are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!

    <3 Alison

  4. Hello, I discovered your blog via your comment on the Street Peeper and it's simply brilliant.

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  6. very cool and cute

  7. your outfit is simple but it! especially the vintage bag!


    The Styleograph

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  9. I've always had a thing for cameos ,don't know why
    I remember when I was a teenager I had one the size of my neck, crazy.
    Yours is beautiful

    BEst regards from Madrid!

  10. Great outfit, love the necklaces!
    Follow each other? :)


  11. Clever idea turning that belt into a necklace? :)
    Also, loving your red lipstick and updo! Very classy! <3


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