Friday, July 15, 2011

Casual Friday: So Long, Sarong

I have had this dress for awhile; a sort of hand-me-down from my mother, it has never been something I wear often, however, on occasion, I am in the mood for a tribute to 90s suburban motherhood. There are elements of this dress that I really enjoy, namely the sarong-like wrap and tie skirt, but also the neutral toned jewelry pattern, which evokes Aztec and tribal influences without screaming. Despite these fun and flirty features, there are definite elements of this dress that I do not enjoy, mostly the high neckline and the short sleeves, creating an overall matronly appearance. Given these conflicts, when presented with this dress as an option of something to wear, somehow selected from my closet housing a plethora of dresses and skirts, I debated. Then, suddenly, an idea came to mind, or, more appropriately, returned to my mind.

I recalled my strategy from yesterday, and also recalled this comfortable and versatile loose mid-drift tee shirt from American Apparel, which matches perfectly with the camel and mocha tones of the beading pattern: slip a blouse cover over the portion of the dress I find bothersome, allow the rest of the dress, with its sarong accents, to shine and highlight.

This sarong is both hilarious and endearing; I really would love to own a legitimate sarong to wear to the beach, but have never really noticed one while perusing the stores, granted, without investing much effort. Yes, the title to this post is a misnomer; I do not want this sarong to depart anytime soon.

The filmmaker's mother is a very sweet and gracious lady; she had, through a marvelous mystery escaping her own understanding and defying the tenets of basic economics, acquired a credit for free from an online shop, valued at quite a hefty sum. Generously, she invited me to peruse the wares and select a few pieces that I may enjoy. The bangles above were one of my choices, and she surprised me with them the other night. I love cream and gold, so I have a feeling I will be wearing these quite frequently throughout the summer, although they have a rather loud jingle and jangle that may perturb some of my colleagues.

These wedge sandals never tire; I can wear them with anything, literally anything, all summer long.

Friday evening guacamole and Italian red wine soundtrack: "All Night Long (All Night)" Lionel Ritchie; "Zodiac S**t" and "Mmmhmm" Flying Lotus; "Castles in the Snow" Twin Shadow; "Finally Moving" Pretty Lights; "Scary Monster" Skrillex; "Untrust Us" and "Courtship Dancing" Crystal Castles; "Yonkers" OFWGKTA


  1. great outfit!!!
    lovely dress

  2. Love how you paired the dress with the sweater!

  3. really love the outfits.
    especially how you paired up the dress with that top.. it looks really good :)