Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Second Anniversary

(image taken from The Fox is Black)

(image taken from Candy Addict)

Today marks my two year anniversary in the realm of pharmaceuticals, two long and arduous years vying for some access to the illustrious path of upward corporate mobility. I was rewarded and recognized for my dedication and hard work with a greeting card, signed by my colleagues; my boss wrote as well, wishing me the happiest of birthdays. Unfortunately, given that my mind is deteriorating to a shriveled and decrepit pile of shadows of white and gray matter, due to a looming executive summary report over my head, I will not be able to share any amusing anecdotes or pearls of sweet wisdom, garnered and held tight from the grains of sand of tough and true experience. However, I can, and will, share two random facts I discovered throughout the course of my fascinating and wonderful day.

First, apparently, my alma mater tops the list of "douchiest" universities, according to a recent, questionably scientific anthropologic poll by magazine GQ. Use of a hygienic product as some type of highfalutin insult aside, I have to give the surveyors and authors involved some credit; there are a myriad of reasons why my university should lead the ranks in this crucial category. I will attest, however, love of lacrosse is not one of them, as one would be led to believe in the Gawker rebuttal. That being said, I agree more so with the conclusion of equally sardonic commentary from the gossip website, Gawker: the qualifier "douchey" is applicable more so to a psychologic developmental stage, an attitude intrinsic to those four years of freedom without accountability or responsibility, than a particular longitudinal, latitudinal geographic point.

(image taken from Peanut Butter & Co)

Second, white chocolate peanut butter exists. Simple and elegant, this is certain to be a flavor adventure; I hope to try some soon. Perhaps an anniversary gift, for, and naturally from, myself.


  1. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary and I actually had no idea this type of peanut butter existed. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. they sell that PB at our local grocery. you can get some this weekend ! i am told it makes good cookies.

    ps. your school IS totally douchey. ;-P

  3. That study was of highly questionable means. That's all I'll deign to say.

  4. oooh white chocolate peanut butter?! That sounds interesting.