Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outfit for a Wednesday: Right Angles

Spring decided to skip over the northeast this year; perhaps Ceres went on sabbatical, so here the region is thrown roughly into the open, sweating arms of summer. With the abrupt transition, or rather lack of transition, I feel rather unprepared; recently, I purchased some Jergen's shimmer lotion, and despite adopting a morning lotion ritual, see no veritable effects on my legs, as of yet. But I digress. In addition to flirting about in bare legs, summer weather means summer skirts. The skirt I chose for today is an ideal cotton-spandex blend, with just enough stretch to maintain the high-waisted shape, while being light weight enough for even the muggiest of swamp-like days.

The skirt sits relatively high on my waist, before belling outward a bit above the knee; this cut is great for tucking in either a button-down, as I did today, or other blouse, as well as adds some movement to the skirt without exuding a voluminous, too much fabric feel. It also features a slight front crease, a sort of embellishment slit, which is filled in with extra fabric; it is a unique cut. The diamond-like pattern is actually an array of corners, or right angles, one large and one small in a sort of structural lock and key fit. The dark navy of the pattern subdues the bright kelly green of the background, which is perfect, as my olive toned skin frequently does not permit me the luxury of sporting large swatches of green.

The smaller, tight diamonds converge and coalesce to become larger diamonds, in a quatrain; this is such a seemingly simple pattern, again with mere right angles, but expands to a meta-pattern. Primary and secondary structure, like chains and winds of proteins.

Green vintage bakelite bangles are my immediate choice for summertime accessories; they complement neutral monochrome outfits, in cream or white or black, as well as bold patterns and colors such as my clothing pieces for today.

A layered necklace look with some vintage cobalt blue beads and a waterfall gold chain.

I always manage to wear beautiful leather shoes on days when it is anticipated to thunderstorm and dump buckets of rain water from angry, gray clouds; sometimes I attempt to dash from my office building to my car, teetering precariously as I run and vainly avoid puddles. Today, if necessary, I may simply remove my shoes and run, liberated in my bare feet; this option sounds potentially romantic, an Emerson-Thoreau approach to rekindling a relationship with the earth and her rich bounty. The reality is, running barefoot will result in potentially contracting some type of tetanus, worst case scenario, or slipping in a pile of freshly laid goose dung, best case scenario. Fingers are crossed, desperately, that the clouds cooperate.


  1. great look ! really & truly a beautiful combination. those shoes are delish. though i do think the blue beads are overkill ... (i can say these things b/c i am your sister. if someone else says this, i will fucking cut them)

  2. love this skirt! and i agree with your sister - i would have left the neckline open.

  3. i can't get over what a good look this is ! LOVE !!!

  4. Fabulous outfit! That skirt is absolutely amazing! I love love love the print and color. Great jewelry as well!