Monday, May 30, 2011

Richmond Alley Romps, Redux

More photographs of my journey down to Richmond a few weeks back will be posted, mostly of fried and buttered foods that I consumed; until then, here is the complement session to my flailing modeling in my dear friend Katherine's alley way. She looks more acclimated to the surrounding area, less skittish, more sure of herself. All facetiousness and self-deprecation aside, Katherine and I always have a grand and howling time together, whether it be in a swanky Southern hotel bar, which is where we went following this photo shoot attempt, or a gravel-resplendent alley behind a row of homes.

Katherine is sporting a short eggplant romper, cinched at the waist with a black leather belt; in the Richmond muggy heat, rompers are ideal and easy, both in terms of wear and accessorizing. I have a few rompers, which I enjoy wearing strolling along the beach or lazing and reading at the pool.

A collection of elephant tusks, dangling from a gold metal chain. Ivory and gold together are one of my favorite color combinations, especially for the summer months. Katherine is a jewelry designer, and specifically studied design while at university, so she has a great eye for pieces, or for parts that can be altered to create a new, more beautiful whole. As a dedicated activist always watching out for our beautiful Mother Earth, Katherine enjoys using recycled and re-purposed materials in her own jewelry; more details on some of her own work to come.

Katherine and Diana attended a craft party recently, where the group used a variety of fabric paints and different styles of shoes to add some flair and color to some cheap finds. I believe Katherine originally found these plain espadrille wedges at Old Navy for quite a bargain, and used blue, yellow, indigo, and forest green to make them unique.


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