Saturday, May 28, 2011

Casual Friday: Mah Jong and Hula Hoop

My work week was a bit interrupted with an overnight business trip; details to be further disclosed with paired photographic documentation. With the success of my trip, and planning for an impending sojourn back in the Land of Pleasant Living, to celebrate my sister's birthday and marriage, again, more details to ensue, Friday flew by quickly, and notably unproductively, in the office. Although I would have preferred to have spent Friday afternoon lazing in the sun, or perhaps hula hooping in these candy yellow snake skin pattern heels, I did manage to have a date night after hours, and dine en plein air.

Both the fish skeleton and the turquoise and silver beaded necklaces belonged to my grandmother, who my siblings and I named Meemaw, for lack of pronunciation and enunciation skills as young children. I enjoy wearing them layered together, and like how the long chain and lengths complement the soft scoop neck of this striped tee shirt. The bracelet is made of antique Mah Jong beads, which are carved from bone, the original creature housing the flesh-carrying skeleton is a mystery to me; the bracelet was a gift to me from my mother, and one that has gone unworn for quite some time. I would like to ameliorate that, as the cream and the primary colors of the etchings are both beautiful and versatile.

Finding heels that are comfortable for a day of work, even sitting hunched in front of a computer, can be both frustrating and trying; these have a thicker shape to them and are a nice height, probably less than three inches. With my slate gray cigarette pant slacks and my muted gray and soft cream top, having this pop of yellow added some sunshine to my look, matching the beauty of yesterday morning and afternoon.

On another note, there are few greater things in life than concluding a long week with an outdoor dinner, a bottle of chianti, and beautiful conversation with my filmmaker. We are both avowing to devote more time to our writing, and included in that submission of our writing to be considered for publication; he is a great source of inspiration and encouragement for me. Maybe we will hear some good news within the next few months; if no, perseverance, and onward we go.


  1. Yellow shoes! =)

  2. Love the yellow shoes with the gray!