Thursday, May 26, 2011

Richmond Romps: Alley Style

Last weekend while in Richmond, my dear, lovely friend Katherine and I performed some quick poses and snapped a few shots outside of her apartment, in a scenic local alleyway, before heading out for happy hour Manhattans with our mutual friend, Diana. The results, particularly on my end of the modeling, were rather goofy at best, but sometimes, or frankly most times, goofy giggling and glee with an old girlfriend is precisely what the body and mind need.

Traveling down south on bus, I packed only a single of shoes, to be completely practical; Katherine was kind enough to permit me to borrow a pair of cherry red patent leather wedges for the evening. They matched my new red lipstick very well. Later that evening, rather early morning, my lipstick color garnered an enthusiastic compliment from a long-haired, pony-tail sporting bar proprietor; the South is indeed more friendly.

The Cole Haan bag is one of my life staples: elegant, versatile, practical, beautifully designed. It was an excellent purchase; I used a company holiday gift card and got this big ticket handbag for quite a steal.

This cream dress features secret side pockets; I rarely use them, however, I relish in knowing the opportunity exists. I would love if my own apartment parking lot featured a lounging hammock for anyone in need of a lazy afternoon.


  1. What a lovely dress!

    Super cute blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  2. Your dress is lovely, the bag is super cute too.