Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outfit for a Wednesday: Loose Knit

Yesterday, after a full day of work, I was being driven from my office to a soon to be disclosed, glamorous, highway-chic location for a next day early morning client meeting; knowing I would be spending about three hours in the car traversing small towns, with my boss, I decided to wear something comfortable. Thankfully, during my recent travels down to Richmond, I stopped in an Ann Taylor Loft store, where in previous years I had served as a notably unique and successful sales associate, and found some great sale pieces. Having spent many hours of my early college year breaks circling the floor at Loft, listening to a loop of the same twenty easy listening rock and pop songs for the month soundtrack, I have not been inclined to peruse their wares more recently. In general, this is a fine decision, as the color palette is frequently off balance and the fabric choices are synthetic more often than is desirable, although Loft has recently been re-branding their personality and inventory in a significant manner. Despite these falterings in color and fabric choices, Loft has occasional exceptional weekend and career clothing, as well as wonderful sales.

This cream and navy loose knit broad striped sweater was on final marked down sale, and I snagged it for 19$; it requires a camisole underneath, due to the style of knit, however, basic white or cream are not noticeable. The camel toned pencil skirt I paired with my new sweater is an absolute closet staple, especially for the warmer seasons; I wear this skirt with cardigans, button-downs of cotton or linen, or even an embellished simple cotton blouse-like tee shirt. Light weight combined with soft texture and warm color means this skirt will be in intense rotation the impending humid summer months.

The filmmaker shot these images with a fancy photograph filter; as much as I wish my legs were veritably this color after the long and brutal winter months, they simply are not, and I would feel guilty and disingenuous if I perpetuated that hoax. My shoes were another pair passed onto me by my mother; her propensity for buying heels, even low and relatively comfortable ones such as these, and finding them a burden means that I can reap all the benefits.

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