Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Business Luxury: Exton, PA

Sometimes, my career affords me the opportunity to sample some of the finer, sophisticated, luxurious aspects of a life here in a resource rich, socioeconomically advanced nation; last week, this taste of decadence came in the form of a brief business trip to the esteemed and pristine highway intersection turned town, Exton, Pennsylvania. It was here, in the epitomized depths of suburban sprawl meet rural wasteland, at a not so humble Hampton Inn, where I came across custom folded toilet tissue, a generically well-designed and decorated hotel business suite, and fresh batter for "make your own waffles" at the breakfast feast spread. Such sleek architectural and design elements, such standards of supreme service. Surrounding this oasis of hospitality in the desert of commercial development malaise and the tedium of rolling, growing ever obsolete farm fields were such culinary paragons as Red Robbin and Uno, which is apparently a legitimate Chicago-style pizza joint.

Despite its status as cultural pariah, Exton is home to an important joint venture pharmaceutical and biotechnology client; the meeting went well, and I will never forget my pampered powder room experience.


  1. that first shot is hysterical. i laffed out loud !!!

  2. wait don't all hotels fold the toilet paper?