Thursday, June 2, 2011

Views of a City from a Car Window

Lately, much of my poetry has been drawing from visual and auditory experiences garnered while in transit, while gathered among the hoardes, the masses, hustling and bustling to and fro to various places of import and entertainment. In addition to being exposed to an array of landscapes, voyeuristic clips of covert or overt conversation, being in transit is frequently my sacred moment of down time, when I can reflect and write in my notebook, without the interruption of my email or other professional and social demands. Traveling by train, though can be painful for various reasons, particularly depending on the end location, is always an amazing opportunity to see the belly, the intestines, the organs of my surrounding landscape. These images were taken during a drive and a stroll through the various bridges, roads, and sidewalks of New York City, after my dear filmmaker, forever the knight in shining armour, came to retrieve me from Penn Station after a visit home with my family.


  1. oh my god, i want that little pitty !! borf.

  2. Pitties are the best. Never thought I would love them so much before living with Lucy. Your pictures are gorgeous, so much fun!

  3. What a life that dog has.

    I wish someone would carry ME around in a purse. Especially a hot blue purse.