Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Flight Attendant

When I was a little girl, I generally wore my hair in a ragged, forlorn ponytail; this was most convenient, since I frequently passed my time rolling around in the dirt outside, climbing trees, catching toads and turtles, and skinning my knees on the soccer or lacrosse field, yet insisted on having long locks. Much to my dismay, knotted hair, or even the alluring tousled bedroom look, to stretch the euphemism, is not appreciated in the office. Since beginning my professional career, I have successfully avoided and ignored all advances of spa and salon seduction, but I do enjoy having my hair professionally trimmed and styled every six weeks or so. Working long hours, it is a delight, to be temporarily pampered. With such a tom boy background and proclivity, I am and was not one who felt compelled to dye or highlight my hair; this is a decision I am thankful for each and every day, as I love its natural color and shine. My bangs have been on the blunt side recently, and are getting a bit long; perhaps I am due for another pamper session.

A colorful, patterned silk scarf is the easiest, and probably one of the most affordable, style choice to accent and freshen up office wardrobe basics. I have amassed quite the collection over the past few years, and lean towards red and navy as versatile colors, however, the occasional bold, ferocious animal print is another good and fun option. Many of my favorite scarves have been discovered and salvaged scouring through bins and racks at consignment shops, which offer amazing accessory deals.

The medical editor in my office told me I look like a classic flight attendant, then immediately explained that she meant this observation to be a compliment and not an insult; little did she realize, the aesthetic symmetry was purposeful. Mirroring and mimicking traditional flight attendant styles is a favorite and frequent strategy I employ to maintain a crisp and pulled together look in the office.

Vintage navy Ferragamo kitten heels are paired with dark opaque navy tights in order to create a monochromatic, long, lean look from the leg to the shoe.

Large, round, pearl-like encased in a perimeter of small, subtle rhinestones.

My new obsession, this oblong, asymmetrical clear lucite bangle.


  1. Looking very sharp! I am also a lover of scarves, yet can never think to wear them.

  2. Love the red scarf!

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