Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jewelry Armour

Last week, after an excavation of one of my jewelry chests, I re-discovered this chain mail gold necklace; it had been a vintage purchase from a boutique in Ithaca called Petrune and is truly a unique piece. I decided to wear all black to highlight the necklace, though, not being one who is generally subdued and demure in either appearance or action, I have worn it with bold colors and patterns also, and it stands up well.

This double-breasted cardigan is a plain cotton fabric, however, the button detailing lends a more professional, formal appearance; a great piece for the warmer months.

These loose fitting black ankle pants are older and could use an update; I will have to be on the prowl for a new pair. Again, they are pure cotton and are highly comfortable when the sun is emitting intense summer heat.

Leopard print wedges are not generally what I would deem office appropriate, but sometimes, in the middle of a long and tedious week, you have to generate your own party and infuse your own life with some festive flair.


  1. I recently organized my many jewelry boxes and rediscovered several treats. The is one necklace, a multilayer piece of thin chain, that still alludes me and I hope to find it while moving.

  2. You're so gorgeous. I love the outfit. Amazing.

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    Karoline Kalvo