Thursday, May 5, 2011

Train Travel in the Spring

Between my business trip up to Boston and heading home to my parents' house for Easter, it seems as though I have been spending too much time on trains lately. While in transit, I like to dress comfortably, yet cleanly and gracefully; you never know who you will meet or run into while on the move.

While returning to the Land of Pleasant Living, I decided to indulge in some nautical passions, donning a basic navy and white striped tee shirt, which I paired with a new spring favorite: a high-waisted, belted ochre cotton skirt. Ochre is typically a color I would reserve for accessories, namely anything bakelite, but I decided to venture beyond my aesthetic comfort zone with this one, and I have been pleasantly surprised; the color partners well with navy and white as well as black, my neutral arsenal. This skirt was purchased earlier this season from Gap, and I am excited that it is now finally warm enough to present.

Nothing creates a more instantaneous polished look than a traditional belted camel trench coat; I have had this one from DKNY for a few seasons now, and it still looks brand new and always smooth and smart.

A braided warm mahogany leather belt, a surprise find at a consignment shop for a very decent price; it infuses just the appropriate amount of masculinity to my travel duds.

Goldenrod bakelite hoop earrings to match my ochre skirt, and a golden metal tear drop necklace.

These shoes are comfortable and have a thicker rubber sole, making them ideal for walking between train stations and hustling luggage.


  1. i love that skirt. after a random purchase of that mustard j crew cardigan that i now sport on way too many occasions, i've been looking for more mustard to ochre shades to add to my wardrobe. i think the color looks stunning on brunettes.


  2. I love this skirt- so glad you picked it up! A lovely pop of color for your wardrobe.