Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Puppy Named Jolie

Before heading uptown to Carnegie Hall, the filmmaker and I stopped downtown to pay a visit to some friends, Gabe and Ashley, who were puppy sitting the above adorable and rambunctious miniature pincher, appropriately named Jolie. I have quite an intense puppy cuddling fetish, so I was pleased to be able to briefly catch up with some friends, and satisfy my great desire.

Jolie and I almost matched one another; she was rather feisty, and kept gazing intently for a moment when she could attack my face with her tongue. Little did she know, my kisses typically do not come that cheap, but she had the advantage of being tiny and furry and adorable.

This is Jolie, in the throes of ecstasy, having those long pointed ears rubbed expertly.

I am not entirely sure what is going on with my face here, clearly caught off guard, but I love this picture and title it "Boys Will be Boys"; the filmmaker and Gabe decided to test the durability of the porch roof at the apartment where Jolie lives, with her master who had gone on holiday for the week. The porch space was cozily and glamorously decorated with low sofas, a long dining room table, meditating stone Buddha statues, and a large crystal chandelier. The boys did not monkey-climb to the top of the roof, but I believe did decide that they had, at least, the structural capability to do so.


  1. Your dog is so cute. the dress is awesome! Love the sleeves.

  2. That dog is absolutely adorable! So cute.

  3. hey love ur blog its pretty cooif u have a min check out mine!


  4. I have a pincher too, they look so cool. Love taht dog

  5. I would like to remind you that I have in my possession one adorable little puppy. She will gladly allow you to rub her very soft ears if you would venture down here.