Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Brunch: Poached Eggs with Israeli Flair

Early Sunday afternoon, I had a deliciously fresh and modestly sumptuous meal of poached eggs Florentine, hummus topped with chick peas, and warm pita from Hummus Place, found in the Upper West on 74th Street, along Amsterdam. The joint was cosy and bustling, without feeling oppressive, or obnoxiously overrun with either tourist types or Manhattan purist elitists. I was joined by dear friends Becca and Stef, who is visiting family and friends from London, joined by her British beau; both she and her squeeze work in the art world, she specifically in exhibition design. The night before, we had, along with other friends, gone out for Venezuelan arrepas and rum cocktails, mostly mojitos and dark-n-stormy's. Stef has grown to immensely enjoy life over on the other side of the pond, and is very busy applying for grants and developing project proposals, however, misses her close friendships; it was a treat to be able to see her this past weekend and catch up. It is rare for me to consume poached eggs without hollandaise sauce, and either some type of pork product or smoked salmon, however, I was completely sated with the clean pesto taste coupled with spinach and tomatoes. Off to the side, a green salad complemented the flavors and added to the overall healthful feel of the meal. The mushrooms added a welcome texture and earthen nature, generally added with meat, creating an ultimately well-rounded meal.

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