Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixtape: This Side of the Blue

Otis Redding, "Pain in my Heart"
(image taken from Drop the Vibe)

Marian Anderson, "Motherless Child"
(image taken from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Richard Avedon)

Lykke Li, "Sadness is a Blessing" and "I Know Places"
(image taken from

Cat Power, "Evolution" and "The Greatest"
(image taken from

Yo La Tengo, "You Can Have it All"
(image taken from MTV)

Joanna Newsom, "This Side of the Blue" and "Swansea"
(image taken from Stereogum)

Dionne Warwick, "Are You There (with Another Girl)?"
(image taken from Just Jazz)

David Bowie, "Sorrow"
(image taken from Mes Choses Preferees)

Gonzales, "C.M. Blues" and "Armellodie"
(image taken from Berlin Battery)


  1. great photos...

  2. that's an amazing playlist! love al lthe artist and the songs!!