Monday, April 11, 2011

Outfit for a Monday: Navy and Brown

Today was watershed for a few beautiful reasons: the sun was out, shining, the temperature above freezing, and I was able to use the Oxford English Dictionary as a research resource at work. Also, I had a lovely late dinner, while the filmmaker recounted tales of lecherous debauchery from his weekend in Atlantic City, serving mostly as passive observer and occasional cynical commentator during a high school friend's bachelor party. After such grandeur and glory, I am speechless, but mostly am tired, so little accompanying text for now.

This silk scarf is one of my favorites, it combines nautical, fox hunting, and stewardess aesthetics together in one.

This dark navy skirt features slight tucks and pleats at the waistline, as well as almost hidden pockets.

Large cherry red bakelite bangle.