Thursday, April 7, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Eggplant and Lilac

I enjoy wearing shades of colors in the same palette, combined with a neutral; with the dreary wet weather, my mood has been rather mediocre, and today I wanted to combat that a bit with some bright, not black clothing. Eggplant and lilac play off one another well, each having a cool permanence to them, and I chose a cashmere camel cardigan to pull the two together. Purples and warm browns are a favorite pairing of mine, as the brown always seems to cause a certain earthiness to seep through the purple.

I have had this silk lilac skirt for years now; it features a loose bow along the hip. I actually found this skirt at Target, on a supreme sale, one of those numbers made of natural and quality fabric, which makes no sense to be among the polyester tube tops. I mean years now, this was before Target began partnering with internationally esteemed designers.

My sister Elizabeth gave me this beautiful cashmere cardigan for Christmas, and I wear it often; the fabric is soft and luscious, and the camel goes with nearly anything in my wardrobe. It is an absolute classic, must have, for both its practicality and its sleek look. An eggplant soft tee shirt with slightly folded, gathered embellishment along the short sleeves is worn underneath.

Layered gold necklaces with a gold faux cameo, discovered at the bottom of a large pile of loose buttons, solitaire old maid earrings, broken chains, and tarnished brooches. I have another, slightly larger faux cameo, which is actually a locket, however, the background is more a gray or taupe tone; I like the true caramel here. Last minute, I threw on the cow horn bracelet from Sallie, featured the other day; still so pleased with such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Knee high camel leather boots and a pair of eggplant tights complete the look; with the height of the boot and the longer length of the skirt, a bit below the knee, only a brief hint of purple leg actually emerges and flashes against the eye. I would not advise more playful, non-neutral tights, even those that complement the rest of the look, for an interview, an important meeting, a pitch with highfalutinly important clients; however, for a day in front of the computer performing some editing, some developing of statement of work documents, creating clinical trial schematics, be bold.

Thursday morning commute soundtrack: "I Follow Rivers" Lykke Li; "Motherless Child" Counterfeit; "Birthday" Junior Boys; "Revolution Rock" the Clash; "What's Going On" Marvin Gaye; "Every You, Every Me" Placebo; "The Chain" Fleetwood Mac; "Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard" !!!


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. that skirt and those tights. so great!

  3. eggplant and camel is such a loverly combo ... and glad to see you still listen to Mr. Martin L. Gore. Motherless Child is so good ...