Friday, April 8, 2011

Casual Friday: Stripes, Squares, Pleats

It has been a long and exhausting week, as is generally the routine, both within and outside of the confines of the proverbial nine to five; since the sun has decided to remain submerged in thick clouds and unpleasant precipitation, I took the opportunity to infuse some golden shine into my clothing with this pleated skirt. In other, tangential though definitively unrelated news, despite the seasonal cruelty and my inner penchant to sleep and hide, I have so far managed to keep with the spirit of National Poetry Month, and have been writing a poem a day, so far. It remains trying, and so far, only one concept I find worthy and feel wedded to, and will perhaps flesh out and edit further. More on point, between poetic endeavors, and writing and editing portions of an executive summary on the potential cardio-renal implications of elevated uric acid levels, I am running rather low on verbosity.

In addition to really enjoying mixing shades of a particular color palette, I love mixing patterns within the same color palette, especially stripes, polka dots, and other geometrically influenced looks. This Ben Sherman camisole has the same dark navy as the striped tee shirt, and I like just the hint of the square pattern peeking through at the neckline.

Goldenrod and caramel layered bakelite bangles; these bracelets are such a staple in the summer and winter months, as they look amazing with black or white monochromatic looks. Here, they complement the bold gold of my skirt, as well as subtly mimic the geometry of the patterns in my tops.

Navy tights and my favorite oxford lace-up heels.

Golden tear drop necklace; I love the weight to this piece and the brassy tenor of the gold.

A navy rain jacket, with golden accents and red lining along the collar and sleeves; it hits below the knee, ever so barely, and exudes a very formal, dressy appearance. I found this jacket for under 20$, and with its perfect integration of tailored elements, it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in my closet.

Friday morning commute soundtrack: "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" Dionne Warwick; "V-2 Schneider" David Bowie; "Midnight Special" Creedance Clearwater Revival; "My City Was Gone" the Pretenders; "All Night Long" Lionel Ritchie


  1. I have that same exact teardrop necklace!

  2. That's a fun top! And I like the necklace :o)