Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whistle While You Work

My bathroom has been in shambles since I had a leak in my ceiling repaired a few weeks ago; to salvage my belongings from wanton drippings and splatterings of spackle and other construction dust, I emptied the bowels of my medicine cabinet and the area beneath my sink into a number of boxes. Since the expunging process and subsequent repair visits, all my belongings had remained in various states of disarray in my bathroom and bedroom, due in part to my busy schedule and in part to my laziness. Yesterday, I returned home from a work out at the gym to the above scene: my medicine cabinet organized, according to function. Perhaps it was the work of some sweet and kind little birds, along with other woodland creature friends, tweeting and tittering as they sweep and swipe, or perhaps it was some other cleaning wizardry.

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