Monday, February 21, 2011

New York Fashion Week: DVF Fall 2011

Fashion dame extraordinaire Lady Diane von Furstenberg has never really faltered in my eyes; her pieces are forever flawlessly feminine. This fall collection, naturally, did not fail to deliver plunging necklines, sultry sequins, and gorgeous gowns, maintaining the tradition of utter flirtatious fun and femininity, while still being exciting and fresh. In particular, I enjoy the synergy of the wild patterns of certain looks with the various monochromatic looks, blue, green, purple, and turquoise being highlighted here. Honestly, I attempted to edit a bit to include what could potentially be considered favorites, but other than the moments where a cowboy-inspired, rodeo black hat was introduced, I adored this entire collection start to finish.

The boat neckline just accentuates the simply dramatic elegance of this dress; stripes continue to be everywhere, but it is refreshing to see some along a diagonal, and in a wider pattern, which is often more flattering look for more curvacious body types.

These bangles, such perfect details, complete the look for me.

This look is brilliant, as it stays within a single palette but offers some variety and playfulness with the shades.

Again, amazing bangles, and the perfect pencil skirt. This look was an interesting straddle between the monochrome outfits and some of the wilder prints, and serves to create cohesion among the looks as a whole collection.

This dress alludes to a kimono, necessitating demure steps and soft voices.

All three of these cobalt blue looks left me speechless; the slit on that sequin gown is so daring, without being obscene. I love when skirts drape and kiss the floor, but there is still a tribute to the long, lean leg. I am fairly positive if I had that collared jacket, I would wear it daily; obviously I am drooling over it matched with slight variations to the shade in this look, but would love to pair it with all black or camel as a perfect accent outerwear piece. Lady Furstenberg frequently draws heavily from 1970s party looks and silhouettes; I tend to agree with her.

Black and gold is one of my favorite color combinations, which I frequently resort to; here, I really enjoy the use of white as a background and the geometry of the pattern. Almost a love-child between Escher tessellations and those stereotypes of Aztec architecture.

(images taken from Fashionologie)

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  1. Beautiful selections! I've been so busy this Fashion Week I've barely paid attention.