Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter White, Revisited

As New York Fashion Week draws to a close, and I review the trend reports of the various shows and spectacles, again I reflect on the clean all white look for winter. This pant suit, by Salvatore Ferragamo, was one of my favorites in a slide show of images summarizing the trend's tour de force on the runways. I adore the simplicity of the lines, the tailoring, the fit, even down to the styling, with the model's slicked chignon as clean and stark as the white she dons. I feel as though I could see this woman at a beach bar, slowly sipping a strawberry daiquiri or a tall and cool Tom Collins, or be seated before her in a board room, while she gives a presentation summarizing business strategies for the coming year given the still dipping economic climate. The white suit is so crisp and cold, and yet has potential for such warmth; it is truly as dynamic and myriad a color as black or camel.

While attending a film screening on Friday evening with the filmmaker, I decided to wear a flowing, a-line, apron-inspired white belted skirt, from J. Crew a few seasons back. With the skirt having such a loose fit, and thus more of a casual, lackadaisical appearance, I paired it with a black lace, fitted onesie top and very tall heel boots. I really wanted to take the plunge and dress in monochromatic white, but did not have something tailored or fitted enough in white to balance the informal structure of the skirt. Next time.

(image taken from New York Times, Fashion & Style Section)


  1. I need more onesies. Are most of yours American Apparel? I'm not daring enough to do all white before spring; probably the result of owning so many Lilly P. dresses.

  2. the onesie i am referring to here is actually an anne taylor super throw back, belonging to my mother originally. it is a onesie of the snaps variety.

    i have a few leotards as well, which i got at dance stores. i prefer those to american apparel leotards, because the fabric is thicker and nicer quality.

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