Monday, February 21, 2011

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear

My older sister sent me the link to this MaxMara dress on Sunday afternoon, and I keep returning to pine after it. I keep envisioning some yacht party, with large circular tortoise shell frames, or perhaps a lady-only tea. At a gasp-worthy 795$, for the funemployed of us, I will not be fleeting and fleeing around in this luscious number any time soon. It could be potentially rewarding, or forever exhausting and exasperating, to attempt to find a bargain version of this dress, which somehow maintains the simple and luxurious Italian elegance.

Oscillating wildly between the Smiths and Steely Dan is making for a rather tumultuous evening; perhaps it is time to just slip on some jazz and crawl into bed to read. The filmmaker lent me some collections of John Ashbery, I have a feeling he will not offer the ease and comfort I seek.

(image taken from Saks Fifth Avenue)

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  1. ooh i love this! too bad for the steep price tag. there was a maxmara store in bordeaux right near this tram stop i always used to jump off at. i would just longingly stare into the windows knowing i couldn't afford anything.

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