Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lusting Lately: Nicholas Kirkwood Carnaby Pumps

These absolutely awe-inspiring and delicious pumps by Nicholas Kirkwood embody everything I crave in a shoe: sleek and classic design, luscious materials, and a low practical heel. The vehement, and deserved, sartorial tidal wave of the lower kitten heel, fueled by the effusive Emmanuelle Alt, is a topic on which I have previously waxed poetic. Not one to shy from enthusiasm or extremes, verbal, sartorial, or otherwise, I think continued eloquent gushing is appropriate.

I am not sure what type of criminal undertakings I would have to adopt in my evening hours in order to afford an entire wardrobe of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, but, I have smarts and imagination enough to know they could not be flattering or morally advisable. So, I must endure with my listless longing, my occasional drop of drool over this ideal specimen of shoe.

image taken from Barney's

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