Wednesday, June 10, 2015

That Old Suit Jacket, Revisited

I have had this shrug-blazer hybrid in my closet for at least a few years now. Hidden under another blazer, both draped over the same hanger in some not-so-effective strategy to cram as much as possible into my minute closet, I had, to be frank, completely forgot about this garment. Which is totally understandable. While I adore navy, a stalwart neutral, it is rather ubiquitous in my wardrobe, not in the least a stand-out hue. The shape here is nearly shapeless, just a smidgeon of structure through the shoulders. This jacket lacks pattern, lacks accent, lacks personality, honestly.

So, it seems strange that a few weeks ago, when scrambling to find an appropriate layer to place over a newer crisp cream dress, I discovered this bland blazer and thought of something. But, sometimes bouts of creativity come when you least expect them, even while staring at a crumpled bit of a jacket that fell off of a hanger, while dashing about your apartment in your underwear before work. Regardless, I was struck with a bit of sartorial spark: where the blazer closes with a simple hook-and-eye clasp, a bodacious brooch can add some intrigue.

Perhaps appropriately, this brooch also does not get much love, rarely appearing in my jewelry rotation, relegated to the doomed and dark back of the cluttered jewelry box. I flipped the orientation of the brooch, when using it as a decorative fastener for this jacket, and its bizarre geometric shapes took on almost a conceptualization of Saturn and her mighty rings. 

Procrastination Wednesday soundtrack: King Krule 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

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